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July 11, 2016

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When you first start planning to build your home, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether you are going to use a local, custom home builder or a builder that specializes in high volume, similar homes otherwise known as a production builder.

Each type of builder has their own strengths and weaknesses. The decision between the two comes down to how involved you would like to be in the design process and how many building decisions you wish to make.

However, the difference between a small, custom builder and a large, production builder is quite simple.

Custom builders create one-off homes that offer a great selection of design choices and are often never replicated. As a home buyer, if you wish to carefully pick and choose most of the details of your new home, a custom builder is likely for you.

On the other hand, product builders specialize in building multiple homes based on prearranged home plans. With a production builder, you still have the ability to personalize certain products and categories of the house (such as countertops, flooring, appliances), but you are limited to the options available to the builder.


Custom Home Builders


Custom home builders are much better suited for the very prepared buyer that understands exactly what they are looking for and where they want it. Generally, a custom builder is used when the buyer already has a piece of land or want to be involved in every step of the home design process.

Building a completely custom home is a lot more labor intensive than building a regular production home as there is a much wider variety of options to choose from. With the increased level of customization, comes a higher price point for a similarly sized home. However, a custom home doesn’t have to just be a large, expensive home. In fact, custom homes range from small, single-family homes to multi-story, fascinating buildings.

Custom home builders come in all shapes and sizes, so the best place to start when selecting a builder is to look at the previous work they have completed and determine if it is along the lines of what you are looking for.


Production Home Builders


Essentially, there are two different kinds of production builders: national companies, and smaller, local construction firms. (near Savannah, GA) Many production builders will construct over one hundred homes a year and generally develop new housing communities. Production builders can generally construct similarly sized homes as custom home builders, but for a much cheaper cost because they purchase materials in high volume and get lowered rates.

When working with a production builder, buyers will generally start by choosing a lot and construction style. Then, you will choose a floor plan from the builder’s library and select several other design variations such as exterior color, counter material, cabinetry, and more.




Congratulations! You are now ready to decide which type of builder is right for you! Whichever you choose, a good quality builder will deliver a high quality home that’s perfect for you. We’ve made the great builders easy to find.